Dublin to Copenhagen - Climbing Wales

Dublin to Copenhagen - Day 2

Fishguard to Cardiff

Goals for the day

  • Continue off-roading across Welsh Mountains and head towards Carmarthen
  • Continue onwards to Newport, figuring out accomodation along the way

Noteable Moments

  • Dense fog upon waking up
  • Broke front pannier bag while off roading
  • Hills get worse if anything after returning to road.
  • So many sheep in wales
  • Make it to Carmarthen and proceed to ordeer 3 Greggs meal deals
  • Realise I've had enough mountains and decide to move South and follow coast to Newport
  • Some great greenways on the way down to Llanelli
  • Stop for late lunch half way between Port Talbot and Cardiff, realise its getting late and conceede defeat and book hotel for Cardiff rather than Port Talbot
  • Greenways continue most of the way to Cardiff, to bad for awful entry gateposts and slow reacations from Komoot
  • Reach hotel at a reasonable 8pm and proceed to ordre awful overpriced take away
  • Look over cycle and realise I cycled further with more hills by diverting south to coast rather than continuing across moutains on pre-planned route, and I'm in Cardiff rather than Newport
  • Fall asleep fully clothed without managing to get under covers

Komoot & Strava Overviews