Dublin to Copenhagen - Reversing through Denmark

Dublin to Copenhagen - Day 10

Brighton to Caleis


Goals for the day

  • Contact camp site in Caleis to book and get closing time of check in
  • Make it to Dover in time for half 5 boat so I'm not to late getting to camp site in Caleis
  • Leave early enough that I can make the half 4 boat

Noteable Moments

  • Run down to co-op and buy bread, ham and cheese for sandwiches for the next few days
  • Leave an hour late, 2 days after I was originally planning on leaving Brighton, there goes any hope of the half 4 boat
  • Get phone call from Amy straight after leaving saying I forgot stuff
  • Decide to cycle directly across cliffs rather than follow road after Seaford
  • Manage to get over first set of cliffs, then have to cross a beach and return to road as next set of cliffs are way to steep for the bike, and I wasn't pushing it up them
  • Stop to try jellied eals in hastings, not bad, wouldn't be going for them again
  • Stop in Rye for a quick coffee and sandwich, realise I wasted way to much time on cliffs earlier and will need to sprint the last 60km or so to Dover
  • Manage 30km an hour average for just under 2 hours to make it to Dover in time
  • Just enough time to spare for a quick stop in Greggs and buy another 3 meals deals for myself, no soup so get an extra susage roll thrown in for free
  • Make it onto boat and devour food
  • Personallised escourt out of Caleis harbour as only normal exit leads straight to moterway
  • Quick spin into Caleis town to take a look and hit an ATM
  • Constant patrols by French police around the harbour, in vans with 5 or 6 in each. Spot one or two small groups of hopeful migrations along the way
  • Proceed on 20km cycle to camp for the night


Komoot & Strava Overviews


Komoot & Strava Overviews