Dublin to Copenhagen - Visiting Swedens

Dublin to Copenhagen - Day xxx

Another day off in Brighton

Goals for the day

  • Plan how I was going to get to Copenhagen

Noteable Moments

  • Made the breakfast of champions, hash browns and spagetti hoops
  • Take Amy's foldup bike out for a try
  • Headed back down to lanes to grab coffee and plan rest of trip
  • Watch some street performances runnign as part of Brighton Fringe month
  • Decide to much effort to head to London and try booking bike on bus so decide I'll cycle to Dover and get the boat
  • Determine trip to Copenhagen will involve

    1. Brighton
    2. Caleis
    3. Bruge
    4. Rotterdam
    5. Rest Day
    6. Amsterdam
    7. Rest Day
    8. Assen
    9. Bremerhaven
    10. Schloss Plön
    11. Guldborg
    12. Copenhagen
  • Pizza, chicken dippers and chips for dinner
  • Head out to Brighton Fringe tent with Amy, Anna, Liam and sadf
  • Great 90's indi pop playing but the others don't like it, to old for them


Komoot & Strava Overviews


Komoot & Strava Overviews